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Founded in 1999, e2E Services Limited (“e2E”) has been providing technical support and expertise to a wide array of telecommunications clients. Our services are provided across the full system lifecycle (i.e. end-toend – e2E).

The sister company e2E Satcom Limited, is developing innovative technology that is concentrated on supporting connectivity options on traditional satellite communication systems, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), High Altitude Platforms (HAP) and nano-satellite platforms.

Technical services being provided by e2E support the fundamental pillars of exemplary technical project management, communication systems engineering, system verification and service readiness. Whilst satellite communication remains our key focus, support to terrestrial, wireless and cellular systems continues to be served on request.

e2E strives to maintain and protect its reputation of independence, flexibility and pragmatism – all elements of which are considered essential for addressing complex and challenging scenarios. Always appreciating the “bigger picture” behind a market, programme or system ensures we do not lose sight of the commercial objectives whilst engaging diligently at the detailed level.

We have an impressive record of successfully completed assignments that are captured through case studies and demonstrations. These cover all satellite constellation and communication system types including GEO, MEO and LEO operations.

e2E works efficiently on behalf of our clients and to an exceptionally high standard. Whether supplying subject matter experts, engineering core system/software components or delivering test related services, e2E remains a credible option to any Organisation involved in space related systems and communications technology. The trust we have built with our client base is exemplified from a high level of repeat and long term business.  


e2E has over 20 years of experience in communication systems engineering and satellite operations.


Highly-skilled engineers and consultants working in our organisation.



Provide managed communication services for organisations in need of affordable, on-demand, ubiquitous satcom-based data delivery solutions.

The operations of e2E are ISO9001: 2015 certified