Agile Software Development


Providing world-class, high quality software engineering and development capabilities for first-to-market innovative product suites, operational toolsets and custom user applications using a proven task and output based approach.

e2E brings relevant software engineering and development expertise to any development programme. Our real-time embedded software experience means we produce resilient software for high availability systems and operations. This is performed in a task based manor using industry leading approaches such as Scrum, allowing for quicker customisation.

We are the preferred software partner to a number of clients allowing for quick and proactive engagement. We have significantly developed bespoke software for resource management applications, radio and network planning tools, software defined radio  and automated software test suite applications. These capabilities include conventional software, embedded real-time software  and firmware implementation.

Our capabilities in this area cover software requirements management, sprint-based  software design, software configuration management, software PA/QA, software development, early prototyping, breadboarding and end system software implementation.

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