Low SWaP Modem as part of your Connectivity



Whilst targeted at the satellite terminal marketplace, this fully configurable software defined radio capability is considered within a wide variety of other mobile applications in sectors like agriculture, energy and utilities, government and transportation, especially in remote areas.

The CDM is a miniaturised data board that brings low size, weight and power advantages to any complex development or solution. Whether its configured to serve as a satellite modem or used for the collection of data for pipeline monitoring within the Oil & Gas industry, the CDM brings both scale-ability and configure-ability to any solution. Being largely software driven means that new functionality can be added without needing to upgrade or replace the underlying hardware.

Key features

  • Small, light and low power
  • Software Defined Radio design
  • Modular and reconfigurable
  • Fully programmable System on Chip (SoC)
  • Advanced in-house development capability