Miniaturisation. Rapid Development. Extendibility. Reusability.

NEATaccess is a communications technology that is developed using a uniquely innovative approach that enables further variants to be readied faster than conventional approaches. This means specific client needs can be addressed quickly and directly without needing to start from scratch each time.

With miniaturisation and flexibility at its core, the NEATaccess communications node serves as an excellent alternative to the more costly, bulky and inflexible satellite communication terminals currently on the market. State-of-the-art capabilities are possible due to the migration of functionality from the more traditional hardware implementation into software. Hence, NEATaccess is of interest to existing satellite operators, providers and terminal operators as well as to those involved in smaller platforms such as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, High Altitude Platforms & nano satellites.

Competitive Advantage


Radical reduction in Size, Weight and Power is opening niche markets not currently addressable.


Rapid Development

Our in-house Software Terminal Development Environment substantially reduces development time and ultimately time-to-market.



Design allows new features and waveforms to be included without major redesign.



The Software Terminal Development Environment retains software reference versions under tight configuration control building up an impressive library of functions that can easily be re-used.