Systems Integration and Test


20 years integrating and testing secure satellite communication system including GEO, MEO and LEO constellations and missions.

e2E is a leader in planning and undertaking the  integration, validation, verification and acceptance testing of the end-to-end operation of satellite systems and communications services delivery . Whilst emphasis has specifically been on ground and user segment  testing, experience is available to also cover space segment testing notably of the satellite payload(s) testing, TT&C subsystem and in-orbit testing.

Our capabilities in this area includes activities at all system layers including unit level testing, subsystem pair-wise testing, system/subsystem acceptance testing, system operational testing, system reference test bed establishment and management, interface/operability testing, in-field alpha and beta testing, service validation & verification, satellite communications In-Orbit-Testing and test procedure automation.

Our test engineering experience is used to develop system testing strategies, to manage test programmes, to develop test plans, to produce test procedures, conduct testing, compile test reports, undertake assurance testing of service delivery to ens customers and successfully investigate and resolution any testing anomalies found. We further have extensive experience of mapping of testing criteria  to requirements and in the generation of test evidence files in support of necessary certifications (e.g. CE marking, aerospace).

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