NEAT Technologies

“NEAT” represents tidiness and competence – hence the branding behind our technologies. Many tools on the market whilst well founded, are developed for the mass market. Whilst this gives coverage, it leads to generality in the tool-set which can be at a tangent with what the Organisation needs. Such products and tool-sets typically therefore have much more functionality than is actually required by the Organisation and are consequently overly expensive. We are addressing this through our NEAT technologies that are designed with modularity in mind. This approach allows for the delivery of capabilities specifically needed to fulfil an Organisation’s need – in a smarter and tidier manner. Options range from specific tool customisation to the delivery of functionality as a service rather than a product. Through our approach Enterprises only pay for the capabilities they really need to get the job done thereby avoiding the frustrations of nebulous features that will never likely be used in the operational context and where time is of at a premium. Hence, our NEAT branding brings smartness and efficiencies to any solution.